• Gina Beavers
  • Canyon Castator
  • Sara Cwynar
  • Maja Djordjevic
  • Oli Epp
  • Travis Fish
  • Haley Josephs
  • Basil Kincaid
  • Harrison Pearce
  • Peter Schuyff
  • Sarah Slappey
  • Ben Spiers
  • Austyn Weiner

Exhibition Text

“The Draw Jam 2019 was a real blast! 12 artists together for 5 days in the south of Italy hanging out at the beach, drinking colourful slurpies and making lots of  drawings- it was a dream. 

We were all staying at Masseria Pepe in these shared villas, bunked up together with artists from across the globe. We spent every evening as a group having dinner many aperol spritz, generous glasses of wine- and every morning recovering by the sea or by the poolside with our pastels and pencils.

So many great memories were made on this trip but some highlights include a raucous midnight game of Marco Polo, Paul Hipp’s after-dinner acoustic jams, laughing over a mass game of Slang Teasers, smoking all of Peter Schuyff’s Marlboro reds and watching the sun rise on the 4th of July. But best of all was the new connections made with incredible artists from so many different walks of life.

On the final day we had a lot of fun hanging all the drawings in the chapel at Masseria Fontana di Vita, where the ceiling was painted by artist Austin Lee the previous year! The Draw Jam 2019 was a huge success and we’re especially proud to have been a part of something that €4000 for the Comunità terapeutica Lorusso Cipparoli charity – a charity who support kids battling with serious addiction and drug abuse.”

Oli Epp, July 2019