Alfred Boman
Snobs Doing Their Jobs

05.05.2016 — 19.05.2016
Fiske väggen, 2016, acrylic, glue and wax on canvas, 170 × 190 cm
Exhibition view
Röda Väggen, 2016
 acrylic, glue and wax on canvas, 170 × 190 cm
Exhibition view
Exhibition view
From left to right: Ljus väggen2, 2016
, Acrylic, glue and wax on canvas, 170 × 190 cm
 - Snorkeln, 2016
, Gesso and ink on canvas, 170 × 190 cm
Säpo, 2016,
 Acrylic, glue and wax on canvas, 150x120 cm

Exhibition Text

Snobs Doing Their Jobs

Born poor in a rich country.

Born rich in a poor country.

Lord have mercy, have mercy on my soul, can’t remember when I saw my soul the last time…if ever. But whatever, have mercy on my inner UFO.

Here we see the new arts: pics and stuff in rooms. So the question at hand is, is it any good? Is it any bad? etc. It’s all up to you. You can dump it in any niche bracket you choose, feel free.

Hate to break it to you, but we artists in general are scum: self-centered, lazy, delusional, egomaniac, piggy-backers, depressed slimeballs, semi-sociopathic social climbing whores. Irresponsible, greedy giant baby trust-funders. Magnetic dust meeting the most obvious criteria they’ve got in front of them.

Mummy or daddy’s special child.

And look at you now with your big boy pants on, getting a taste of that sweet success. All those hours of whatever you did wrong are paying off. A real cultural entrepreneur, within the higher discourses, of course. Oh you really can do it all.

And NO you are NOT a Marxist, you simply don’t know what you are doing and obviously have got too much time on your hands.

Respect is just a word gangbangers use as an excuse to terrorize their communities, most people would rather be peed upon than to be lonely

Give me a cup of coffee and a bullet to my dome. Oh wait probably someone took a bullet to the dome somewhere along the line in making that very package of coffee, will you drink it? Of course you will. I try to go with every other cup fair-trade to keep the body count down, I’m vain like that.

I like art that looks smart.

Don’t forget to eat your greens and brush your teeth.

This show was made in Iraq.

Thanks for taking your time.