Scout Zabinski

August 2023 - October 2023
Milan, Italy
Scout and Leonard Baby at the opening of 'Any Colour You Like'
Scout in Milan

Exhibition Text

My residency in Milan was nothing short of magic. I had no idea what would happen being alone in a city I had never been to but it exceeded every expectation I had.

Italy just moves slower, but Milan is a perfect blend of the beauty I associate with the culture and a pace that likens what I’m used to in LA. It changed the way I organized my day. Instead of rushing to the studio, I made rituals out of brewing espresso, sitting on the balcony with a cigarette, strolling through fruit markets, and daily Pasticceria adventures.

I could write a book on my time here, but in short it was the most healing and inspirational 6 weeks of my life. I can easily see myself moving here in the next few years because of the energy I felt, the kindness I received, and the abundance of beauty that I marinated in which I can’t wait to put into some paintings for my next solo show in Stockholm in August 2024.

I’m endlessly grateful for this opportunity and will be dreaming of the day I get to come back. It’s a residency of luxury, every sense; taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing; is on overdrive in the best way, but the best part is that you feel like you have the time and space to properly take it all in and bask in the splendor.