SOLD OUT/ Oli Epp: Quarantine

Oli Epp’s limited edition print release ‘Quarantine’, 2020

90 x 100 cm (image size)
110 x 120 cm (paper size)
Edition of 50 + 5 Aps

27 colour screen print on Somerset satin tub sized 410gsm paper.

This is the largest artwork-size and most complex Oli Epp’s print to date.

“I made this painting at the beginning of lockdown, when images were circulating of people wearing bottles on their heads and other makeshift masks, and even full bodysuits. There was an eccentric sense of hysteria in the air and I wanted to picture that. As the image is remade today for this print, that madness has already settled into the mundane, so it captures a very particular moment. That’s one of the reasons it’s the only painting that I own” – Oli Epp, 2020.