SOLD OUT/Austin Lee: portfolio of three prints

All three prints:
Printed on Somerset Tub sized satin 410gsm
90 x 60 cm (35 2/5 x 23 3/5 in)
Executed in 2017
edition 35 + 5AP
signed and edition numbered by Austin Lee

The prints are sold unframed.

interactive with Spheres app available for free
The app exists on iOS and Android and allows the user to activate the prints by animating them. Austin Lee details the process in this interview with Juxtapoz magazine.

“I’ve read a few books by Jaron Lanier, a pioneer of virtual reality. I think the way he discusses VR is especially interesting. He talks about it as a potentially transformative mental experience. It reminds me of a dreamlike state where things and ideas can shift and change and have different meanings, some kind of post-symbolic communication.”

Austin Lee