• Peter Schuyff
  • Daniele Milvio
Carl Kostyál Matera Artist Residency

Peter Schuyff
Peter signing his newborn at the Residency
Dancing shadows
Peter Schuyff, Untitled, 2019, Oil on Linen, 100 × 100 cm
Peter Schuyff, Untitled, 2019, Oil on Linen, 100 × 100 cm
Peter Schuyff, Untitled, 2019, Oil on Linen, 100 × 100 cm

Exhibition Text

The Matera Artist Residency is a collaboration between Masseria Fontana di Vite and the gallerist Carl Kostyál.

The residency was founded to provide a space and home for visual artists from around the world to create art while experiencing Italian life. Artists will found here time and place to retreat from the routines and pressures of everyday life within a unique geographical and cultural context as well as the added flair of the southern Italian hospitality.


Peter Schuyff testimony

” The masseria Fontana di Vite has been a conduit to clarity. The wind blew away the riff raff, the light exposed the details and the air made it all real. It was a great place to both work and explore. My next paintings are going to benefit from these last weeks. Like rehab, 28 days and you go home seeing clearly. I’m going to miss you! X Peter “.


Daniele Milvio testimony

“A Month in Basilicata for someone that has grown up in Rome makes the experiment especially dense in terms of historical meanings, the war between the prechristian society of farmers and the state, that they were used to calling just Roma, is still on, silently. I concentrate myself on the hidden predisposition to rebellion that farmers preserve since 3000 years, this predisposition found very rarely a way to express, and only in very serious situation of danger for farmers as a class, from the rebellion against the earl Tramontano, that I painted on site, to the brigandage after the unification of Italy, to the not so rare cases of lynching.

This month has been to me a journey through time, helped by Carlo Levi, and also a very precious moment of unaltered peace in very good company”.


Virginia by Daniele Milvio

Daniele Milvio