Georg Nordmark

Georg Nordmark (b. 1994, Gothenburg, Sweden) is a Swedish sculptor based in Berlin. Nordmark’s art practice stems from instruments and objects used in the handling of animals.

“My works draw on the communicative properties of objects to concretise the relational pre-conditions of our ‘anthro-zoological’ present; its limitations and untold values. My visual language relies on the utilitarian anti-aesthetics of practical instruments, with recognisably functional shapes and proportions. Each work is intended to evoke movements, bites, claws and sniffs from animals which, transposed to an art context, create a distinct tactility and intentionality.  I examine the function and exceptionality of the art object – from elevated pieces of fine art to raw stimuli and curiosity.” Georg Nordmark

George Nordmark lives and works in Berlin. He holds a BFA and MFA from the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. Recent exhibitions include shows at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm; Issues Gallery, Stockholm; Inter.pblc gallery, Copenhagen; Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. 

He will have a solo show at Carl Kostyál, Hospitalet, Stockholm in 2023.


Selected Works